1. ANATOME 1 (yellow and black) ANATOME 1 167x207cm Oil on wood
2. ANATOME 2 (figure drawing on panel) ANATOME 2 122x184cm Paper on wood
3. ANATOME 3 (figure with cape) ANATOME 3 121x121cm Oil on canvas
4. ANATOME 4 (silver background) ANATOME 4 125x105cm Oil on wood
5. DARK KNIGHT (red and white) DARK KNIGHT 122x200cm Oil on wood
6. WINGS WINGS 122x200cm Oil on wood
7. JOKER JOKER 131x100cm Oil on wood
8. HEPBURN HEPBURN 130x100cm Oil on canvas
9. BECKHAM 1 BECKHAM 1 100x123cm Oil on canvas
10. BECKHAM 2 BECKHAM 2 100x123cm Oil on canvas
11. BARDOT BARDOT 103x123cm Oil on wood
12. MONROE MONROE 130x100cm Oil on canvas
13 - 17. MONROE pop-art prints only MONROE 1 MONROE 2 MONROE 3 MONROE 4 MONROE 5 Variety of sizes available Variety of surfaces available
18. BERECINGUM BERECINGUM 457x304cm Oil on three panels


Prices of original paintings start from €5,000.

Email enquiries to ScottKoban (at)  email


As well as the Monroe print series, fine arts prints can be made available from any of Scott Koban's works: on paper, plastic, canvas, metal, and wood.

Very large paintings such as BERECINGUM can be printed wall size.

Art can be shipped anywhere in the world.