spacer image Herbert


I am a mouse that was not so happy or lucky up there alone and afraid
When he came along and sat down next to me and said warm
Things in my very tiny ears that were shivering from fear

The wind and the rain came and he held me inside
sheep wool and warm hands and we went down the hill

I am only a very small life that day that went well as
Could be for such a tiny beating heart with bits of joy
Because he came along alone and sat down with me and told me I was
Beautiful and then off we went to safer places than up there
Where my only home had gone somewhere I don’t know

They made me a grass house for a few days it was my home
Complete with small rows of sunflower seeds and wet apple bits
So I danced a bit and sniffed the air where love and kindness drifted
Around my box and my grass house.

Back up to the cosy place (Dartmoor) he made me another home under a rock
For such a small me as am very tiny mouse that
Had luck on a cold and windy rainy day next to he who sat down and said all will be ok

I am a very lucky mouse and my name is Herbert
And my mouse mind and my heart says never forgotten you.