Christie's sale poster          
When the late Anton Furst asked me to paint my own version of Gotham City for the movie Batman, I was told I had three days. But the canvas measured one hundred feet by twenty-five. I was being pushed out of my comfort zone. After I'd finished the painting I had to lie on the floor for an hour before I could get into bed because I was so shattered. Too much stimuli. I did three Gothams in total. Christie's sold one of them.   I have never taken long-term medications. In psychiatric hospital I took Valium and vowed never to take that sort of stuff again. And it interferes with the imagination. So I prefer to go cold turkey. Face down the trauma symptoms and they get less powerful. Whispering to a bull in a ring, to calm it. But most of the time I can walk and talk and create so it's a pretty good day. On a bad day it's like nam.
Alarm just went off. Month two...